Blue Flowers

29 January 2019

Hi Dazzlers, 

I'm trying to keeping up with the blog, since I'm posting my nails frequently on Instagram nowadays. Honestly I'm suck at writing caption on Instagram, so I just put simple words there and decided to put more details on the products I use on my blog. 

So, another new good news is I'm patnering with Born Pretty Store again. You can use my discount code ISHX31.

I received 3 stamping plates from them and I decided to use this stamping plate Born Pretty Chinese Style L005   

I really fall in love with this plate, especially with this flowers pattern. 

Details on the products: 

1. Base polish Nailholic WT013 and BL910 

2. Stamping plate Born Pretty Chinese Style L005 

3. Sugarfree 509 (to fill in the flowers) 

4. Stamping Polish Moyra Blue and White 

5. Top Coat Anny Super Gloss Gel (955) 


Hope you all like it 

and don't forget to use my discount code ISHX31 

for your Born Pretty Store orders