Chanel Nail Polish Camelia 506 Swatch

09 November 2019

Hi Dazzlers, 

You know, I'm a sucker for NAME. 

When I saw this one, I immediately bought it 

Chanel Camelia 506 

This color is a very bright pink, too bright almost look like red but I think it's still in pink category 

This is my first Chanel nail polish 

the opaqueness is really great, this swatch is only one coat

odorless, dry fast , and high gloss (the shine is really WOW)

hmmm I'm not gonna complain about the price, because as you know it's CHANEL 

so yeah the price is 'Luxury" level. 

The only thing that I don't really like is the brush 

The brush is round and small, I'm more on wide brush side, but yeah still can work it out. 

Don't have any issue with brush stroke anyway.

Would I buy more Chanel nail polish? 

Hm.... I don't know, well maybe if they have polish name Ana or Dazzling, I might buy it hahahha