Christmas Nails Ideas

23 December 2019

Hi Dazzlers, 

It's December and I want to dedicated this month especially for Christmas 

Rather having separate post about it. I just put my this month Christmas Nails Ideas in one post. 

So this is gonna be a very long post. 


1. Christmas Sweather 

1st December I post this mani on my instagram, the design quite simple but I love the name of the polish. 

Here we go, all the best to start my December 


Polish: Anny All the best 

Plate : Moyou London Festive Collection 06 

Stamping Polish: Glitter Phoenix 



2. Santa Claus Nails 


Polish: Anna Sui L400 & N002 (from Minnie Mouse Collection) 

Stamping Polish: Red - Anna Sui L400 , White and Black using Moyra 

Plate : Lina Nail Art Supplies Can't Wait for Xmas! 02 


3. Reindeer 

Polish: Anna Sui I106 

Stamping Polish: Black & White -Moyra, Gold - Ya Qi An 

Plate: Kads Nailart Christmas 013 


4. Snowflakes 

This Snowflakes Nails like mandatory nails design that always comes up every winter 

this time I tried using different colors, I decided for purple snowflakes 


Polish: Glitter NV2 

Stamping Polish: Glitter Phoenix & Violet 

Plate: Kads Nail art Christmas 010 


5. Sweater weather 

Yeap sweater design again, but this time I chose a bit unsual color palette 


Polish: Cirque Colors Tuscan Tile & Stoneware 

Stamping Polish: Glitter Nyle 601 

Plate: Moyou London Festive Collection 06 


6. Christmas Decorations


Polish: Mistermorden The Green Mile & Miracle on 34th Street 

Plate: Kadsnailart Christmas 014 


7. Poinsettia 


Polish: Glitter Coral, Paula, Chris and Gold topper 

Plate: Lina nail art supplies Can't wait for Xmas 02 


8. Plaid Nails 

Plaid Nails, I think it's a must do nails for winter holiday. 


Polish: Glitter Peter & Giselle (both in 2 coats) 

Stamping polish: Glitter Black 

Plate: Lina nail art supplies Dress your Nails 01 


9. Christmas Tree 


Polish: Innisfree - it's christmas limited edition (forgot was it 2018? or 2017? ) 

Plate: Kadsnailart Christmas 011 


I think I'll add 1 more design to make it round 10 designs this year, so stay tune ^.^