Creepy Carnival (Halloween Nails)

20 October 2018

Hello Dazzlers, 

Halloween Nails ideas 

and a bit rant... well in this design I used stamping plate from Bundle Monster. 

The problem is now they're changing their name to Maniology 

and now it's so awkward to call this plate as Bundle Monster. 

What do you think of their changing the brand name? 

Honestly I like the bundle monster name better 


1. Base polish Nailholic WT013 and OPI coconuts over OPI 

2. Plate Bundle Monster BM-S244 

3. Stamping polish: Kate BK-4 (love this black, perfect for stamping)

4. For coloring Konad: Green, Red & Moyra White , Yellow 

5. Top Coat : Moyra 

What do you think of this design?