D4zzlingme X Glitter Nail Polish

02 November 2019

Hello Dazzlers, 

I have an excited news. This is my first Collaboration with Glitter Nail Polish 

Tadaaa, they made it special for me. It's my custom colors 

I also name these babies , wohooooo. 

How did it happen? 

I discovered this brand around June and I'm telling you first time using it and I just fall in love. I love this brand so much. The opaqueness , the smooth formula and the brush are just amazing. 

As you know I'm a freak who share my nails on IG  , so I shared my nailsart, then they reached out to me. Whether I'm interested in their new colors and asked me to come to pick the colors I like.  Hell YES!!! of courseeee 

From there I started to make the Halloween Theme with their colors and as you know I love stamping and their polishes are perfect for it too. 

Then, I got event invitation. It's their store grand opening, I was there and I met Vicky. She said really thank you for my support and gave me their new arrival (it's even not on their website yet) OMG I'm so over the moon. It feel like there's someone who really support what I'm doing (cause not everyone get it), then Vicky just asked me hey what about if we made custom colors that represent you?   

I was like... OMG are you serious? can I name it too? and she said YES. Okay let's make it happen. I kinda know what kind of colors I want then I describe it to her and she said okay they will make it, and the process really fast. I think it's took about a week and Boom I got my custom nail polish. 

Words really can't describe how thankful I am.  Thank you so much Vicky and Glitter Team who make it happened   

So here's the swatches : 



As you can guess from the name, yeap this is the famous Tiffany blue



My name, my short name to be exact, and I always obsessed with Pink. 

Simple and you never ever have too many Pink polishes 



I guess when you first start the nails journey, after buying the nude or pinky shades you will be starting to search darker shades and here it is. Deep Navy blue colors, dark enough but you still have that blue feeling. Great alternative to black. This color give you some kind of mysterious vibe. 

FYI all of the swatches only one coat yeap baby you hear me. ONE COAT!! 

Which color is your favorite? 

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