Deps Nail Surabaya Swatch

30 October 2019

Hello Dazzlers, 

Today I want to discuss in depth about this Indonesia local brand Deps Nail created by Dwi Endah Pusparini 

I've got color in Surabaya 

The first time I saw this, I know I have to get this. Surabaya is my hometown, how can I miss it? 

(I'm so attached to name especially when it come to nail polish) 

This nail polish is water based, breathable, peelable, odorless, long lasting, fast dry , gel shiny and 18 Big Free (it's on their box description) 

Hm.... well 18 Big Free, 18? (first time hearing it as long as I know right now is 10 free? but they have 18 free?), but they didn't write the ingredients on the box

I forgot to take photo of the box and the explanation at the back (since all of it in Indonesian, so I think i'm going to skip it) 

 I've posted the swatch on  my instagram few days ago 

oh hello SURABAYA , this is rosy beige nude polish and that glossy hell yeah, it's glossy. 

I put 2 coats without top coat.

Yeap it's odorless (checked) I smell kinda like cocoa scent (not too strong), and I like it hahaha 

The brush is standard, don't have any complaint about it

The formula is great (I'm impressed, thumbs up )


Give you another angle to admire this color <3 

This hand pose is sexyyy 

So I bought this when I got back to Indonesia early this month, back to Taiwan and put it aside since I have some projects going on and then I noticed

The Gap ( if you look at the picture you know what I mean) and I put it on my IG story about it and said I haven't even open it from the box, what happened? 

and the owner Dwi Endah really got back to me really quick explained that the bottle capacity is 20ml but they sell the polish stated that's it's 15 ml, so if there's gap, it's normal (This is really weird logic, I was thinking if that so, why don't you just use 15ml bottle ? I mean it's look nicer or is it just me? I never experience buying polish that has that gap before), anyway.... I don't really want to be bitchy about the gap, since it might be also their first launch and nobody's perfect 

So, The conclusion, is it worth it?? 

I say YES, with the price of 92,000 IDR (around 200 NTD) and you got that kind of 15ml polish with that quality, yes it's worth it.

It's :

  • Odorless
  • Fast Dry
  • Gel Shiny
  • Affordable 
  • Peelable (if you like, it feels satisfying though)

What I hate: 

I really don't wanna be a bitch about it, but sorry I just can't help it. 

I can tell you I'm a nail polish Hoarder, to me packaging is so important. I love to put my favorite nail polishes on the display and this kind of sticker's corner just make me crazy, I hate it!. 

Okay the bottom line, in terms of formula and quality thumbs up, I kinda proud that Indonesia local brand can make it to this quality. 

P.S It would be so much better if you can fix that sticker problems  (I also notice the small bottle there's some stickers that sticked unsymmetrical, i really hate it)  

Have you tried this polish? 

What do you think?