Flower Vintage Nail art using Sharpie

05 December 2019

Hi Dazzlers, 

I'm trying again nail stamping the sharpie technique and voila

It took me forever to finish this. I need to colors all of the flowers and leaves with sharpie before put the stamping polish and scrapped it 


1. Base polish: Glitter Violet 506 

2. Stamping Plate : Moyra Plate Russian 47 

3. Colors the plate with Sharpie (I used Green, Orange, Neon Yellow and Neon Pink) 

4. This time instead of white stamping polish I used Glitter Paula (peach creme color) 

5. Last Top Coat


I really love the result, it gave the vintage vibe, even tough it took forever to finish this. 

Guess it really worth it ^.^