Glitter Nail Polish (Orange nails swatches)

27 October 2019

Hello Dazzlers, 

It's been 7 months from my last update on my blog. Gonna give you a little bit update about what happened before I share this beautiful orange polishes. 

So the reason for my dissapearing is because I'm an Aquarius , I dissapear sometimes, simple as that. Hahaha just kidding. 

The real reason is, well this year is just not my year, really a bad year for me. 2019 is not kind to me T.T

I lost my father just 2 months after he got diagnosed with Liver Cancer (yeah f**k cancer), just 2 months and I just couldn't really accept, the grieving that make me feel numb and couldn't do anything. That's why I stopped updating my blog. 

Anyway, painting my nails always make me feel calm. My nails is my theraphy, even tough I still having nightmares or crying everytime I listen to Memories by Maroon 5, I'm sure definitely that time would heal. That's all the update about me.

Here we go the beautiful swatches 

All using one brand polish from Glitter . This brand made in Taiwan is quite new in the market, they established at the end of 2018, but I'm telling you guys, this brand OMG, I'm loving it from the first time I used it. Let me share to you the orange colors I have and I'll tell you more the reasons I love this brand

First we have, OPHELIA 307  


This the "calmest" orange from the bunch, it's not quite pastel but it's not that bright, like hey look at my nails that kind of orange. From this I have 1 level brighter orange 

This one call HALEY 305 

a bit brighter than OPHELIA and a bit more yellow 


And here we go the orange the halloween kind of vibe color called GLORIA 302 

The last polish, I have the brightest one 

CORAL 106 , orange red, this color is so pretty. It's the alternative if you don't feeling wearing red but want to have bright colors on your nails. It's look good to for pedicure ^.^

Now, I have the colors comparison 

wearing it all like this, so you can have better comparison of each colors, they are orange nails, but not the same 

Which one is your favorite? 

So after looking at the swacthes, I'm gonna tell you the reasons I love this brand 

1. All of swatches only 1 coat. Yes you hear me 1 coat!!!. The opaqueness is crazy. This is my first find nail polish that so opaque.

2. Since it's the opaqueness is crazy, it make it good for nail stamping, perfect. 

3. Stroke free, the formula and brush so perfect that they don't streak, so I'll have smooth finish in 1 coat 

4. Odorless 

5. 5 free nail polish 

That's it from me right now, leave comment here or you can connect with me on my Instagram