Leopard Nails (Konad M57 )

14 November 2019

Hi Dazzlers, 

Leopard Nails back in trend. Well I think leopard nails always there

It never go out of style.

so in this blog today, I want to show you some of Leopard Nails that I made

and all of it use the same Stamping plate from Konad 


  • Base : KL Polish Medusa
  • Stamping Plate : Konad M57 & M81



  • Base: Glitter Barbara & Paula 
  • Stamping Plate: Konad M57


Make this as simple as possible


  • Base from Index to Pinkie
    • Glitter: Barbara 701- Haley 305 - Holly 407 - Barbara 701 
  • Stamping Plate: Konad M57   


  • Base: Glitter Priscilla & Ana 
  • Then I just fill in the gap with Glitter Paula 
  • Stamping Plate: Konad M57 


Thats all at this moment. I've made several leopard nails with the same stamping plate Konad M57 

This plate is really my first stamping plate that trigger my stamping nails addiction. I've had this plate for so many years 

and still my go to plate for Leopard Nails. 

I think, Konad is the first in this stamping industry (let me know if I'm wrong), but for me at least it's my first. 

Lately I feel they just want to expand to something else rather than focusing on stamping plates. It seems that their plates design is just stuck right there, it's too bad, I really love their brand 

Have you used Konad Stamping plates?