Pumpkins Nails (Halloween Nails )

14 October 2018

Hello Dazzlers, 

2 more weeks before the Halloween, so when you search the halloween nails ideas, 

I hope you found my blog and hope this design can give you some ideas for your nails. 

Well, I've upload some halloween nails ideas on my instagram @d4zzlingme 

but, here on my blog I decided to upload the easiest one 

The classic orange and halloween pumpkins nails 

It took under an hour to do all of the nails 


1. Base color Pa Nail A160 

2. Plate Born Pretty Store Celebration BPX- L007 (bought this plate last year ) 

3. Stamping polish Konad Black 

4. Top Coat Anny Super Gloss Gel 

That's it super simple and easy ^.^ 

Hope you all like it