21 September 2018

Hi hi, 

I want to introduce you to this new brand of polish. It’s Made in Taiwan called SUGARFREE

I bought it on 11.11 sales 8 bottles for 888 NTD (which I felt like its really good bargain!!- The original price is 180NTD per bottle) 

So my first impression is…. I’m impress!!! 

Really, this polish has perfect brush (my opinion) the brush not too wide and not too small (hmm for my pinky I can get it done with one stroke).

The formula is great, its quick dry and the color is good to go with 1 coat, but it’s just my habit to put 2 coats. 

This SUGARFREE #707 SCIENTIST is my first pick from their collection. This color really the one that make me put my orders. 

This deep green color really unique, it has tiny micro silver shimmer in it, so on different lightning, especially under sunlight WOW! BAM! so beautiful that you can’t take your eyes off of your nails  heart

and since I have more time at that time, I add some stamping on it 


  1. Base Polish: SUGARFREE 707 Scientist 
  2. Plate: Heheplate 056 
  3. Stamping polish: Mundo de Unas Avocado and Spring Green 
  4. Top Coat : Moyra 

Hope you all like it